The 8 most amazing books in the world

May is the month of books. How pleasant is it to be on a lawn immersed in the reading of a good book, to get lost in the stories written by others? 
But sometimes even reading can become a problem, if for example the book is gigantic to carry around, or with the pages coming off, or even written in an incomprehensible language ...

Today, dedicated to all lovers of reading, a nice review of books that you did not think existed, and instead here they are. 

Slices of American Cheese - Ben Denzer

In the age-old question between ebook and paper book, in addition to the convenience of one or the other, often the subject of the dispute is the scent of paper. Smelling books seems to trigger immeasurable lusts, memories, hidden pleasures. It is certainly true, many bibliophiles like to hear books not only by touch and sight but also by smell. Someone has thought of going further and has created a book that, if you want, you can also eat. 

American artist Ben Denzer took 20 cheese slices, bound them and created a book. One of the copies is currently owned by the Michigan Library and appears to still be in good condition despite everything. 
Inside there are obviously no words, but let's say that if you go to read a book in the park you have the advantage of having a snack ready for the picnic. 

Amazon's Most Expensive Book - Emmanuel James

Unfortunately it is out of print, but for a while this book was put up for sale, which was exactly titled Amazon's most expensive book. It is not a particularly fascinating book, it is not a particularly rare book, it does not have a complex printing technique, indeed, it is not even printed and exists only in an ebook version. It is a book that, as the description itself says: "It is aimed at the richest people. Those who can buy without batting an eye. It is not for the poor, greedy, nor for those who save money.

Also, don't buy this book if you don't have enough money in your bank account. If you are not rich and plan to read this book and try to get your money back later, give up now: you are not part of our readers".

We would have liked to buy it to tell you what is written in it but we are not rich enough yet, sorry.

The Disappearance - George Perec

From the title it would seem a normal yellow, and instead it's about a guy called Anton Vokal who dreams of a disappearance one night. But it is not clear what has disappeared, perhaps a book, perhaps who knows what else. But immediately we understand that something is wrong and we soon realize that, going on in reading, we have never found the letter E. In the whole novel, never once this vowel appears.

It is in fact a lipogram, a language game in which you have to write sentences without using a specific letter and here George Perec, who was really a master of these games, goes on for 300 pages. Chapeau, as they would say beyond the Alps. IS chapeau also to the Italian translator who managed to translate it respecting the same rule. 

Try it yourself, never to use the E. We have not been able to think of even a comprehensible sentence.

How to survive a gnome attack - Chuck Sambuchino

Life is full of dangers, and bookstores are full of manuals from which to learn how to survive in the most extreme situations. But how would we react if we were attacked by garden gnomes, these cute creatures that we thought were only used as decoration and instead we discover they hide terrible weapons to turn against us? Luckily Chuck Sambuchino arrives and explains their guerrilla tactics and how to deal with them. 

And we who foolishly thought that the real problems were climate change or fundamentalism. You have to be careful with the gnomes!

Schottenfreude - Ben Schott

German, we know, is one of the most accurate languages in the world. It contains words that describe every type of human sensation or object, often using very long but effective periphrases. For example Schadenfreude, which is the feeling of embarrassment that pervades us when we see someone behaving in an inappropriate way.

But even German has limitations, and so we need new words like those invented by Ben Schott in this book, such as Dokumentverlustpanik, which means looking anxiously in your pocket for essential documents that you had in your hand until a few minutes before, or Extrawursttagsgefühl, or the irrational feeling that your birthday is a special day. 

We, the eyewear business, have found our favorite word: Brillenbrillanz, or the sudden, electrifying sensation of seeing clearly with a new pair of glasses. And we have tried it several times, we must admit, without being able to give it a name to date.

Saddam Hussein's Koran

A book surrounded by an aura of legend: Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is said to have ordered a calligrapher to use his blood mixed with ink to write a special edition of the Koran.
It seems that over the years he had a good 27 liters of blood taken for writing, and that today this work is kept in an inaccessible safe.

Sometimes it is said that writers put their blood in what they write, but in this case we frankly believe it is exaggerated!

The triangular book of Count St Germain

Count St Germain was, to put it mildly, a rather peculiar type. He was interested in demonology, he was an alchemist, he liked the dark sciences. His most famous work is this triangular book of which, however, the meaning is not well understood, also because it is written in a code for which the key to decipher it has not yet been found.

Our idea is that, in addition to being indecipherable, this book has not achieved the success it deserved because of the lobby of those who always want to have the bookcase in order and who did not know exactly where to put a triangular book, on which shelf and next to it. to what other books.

All the fault of the interior design, in short.

Patria amada - Vinicios Leoncio

Do you like paperbacks and the convenience of carrying a good book to read when you are on the subway or are you waiting your turn in the waiting room? Well, then forget to take this book with you, because it is printed in a single copy and above all it is 2 meters high and weighs 7 tons.

Inside, the author has inserted 4 million bureaucratic rules to pay taxes in Brazil. He then exhibited it in front of the Congress Palace in Brasilia to denounce the complexity of the Brazilian system.

It is also true that the Brazilian system is complicated, but think also of those who had to proofread these 41,266 pages. Who knows how long it took him, and above all who knows how much the photocopier toner cost him, with all the pages he had to print to correct them!

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