The 8 most bizarre hotels in the world

Do you like to travel but current restrictions prevent you from going anywhere? Well, we have a solution for you! You can travel with us and fantasise about staying in the 8 craziest hotels in the world:sea, solitude, even ice, whatever you may wish for your holiday setting, we have the right solution to offer you. 

If you think that the most you can aspire to is that bed and breakfast you last stayed in, prepare yourself for a surprise, we are about to reveal how far ingenuity can go when it comes to hotels.

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

Are you tired of these cool hotels, with all the creature comforts and breakfast in bed? Well, then you should definitely try this hotel where amenities are nonexistent: a mud and grass hut, two wooden beds (with no mattresses) and a small fire. That’s it.
If you want wood for the fire, there’s an axe. If you want to drink something refreshing, ther’s a stream. If you need the toilet, use your imagination. 
No luxuries, no amenities, but a lot of people willing to spend a lot. Nuts!!

Karostas Cietums, Latvia

A hotel set inside a former prison. And not just any prison, but a Soviet penitentiary. You sleep in the cells, you have to carry your own mattress and blankets to the cell, the bathroom is shared with all other guests. If you really want to, for 24 hours you can experience authentic prison life, thanks to the historical reconstruction carried out by the staff, dressed in Cold War costumes.    

The only hotel in the world where you can have clean linen and a dirty criminal record, at the same time.

Utter Inn, Sweden

A beautiful red house in the middle of a Swedish lake. What peace, what serenity! How nice is it to be away from the hustle and bustle that surrounds us. This is the Utter Inn, a tiny hotel that consists of a single small but comfortable room. In reality there is also another room, but where can they have put it? Simple, underwater. Built 3 meters below the water level, if you want to go there you should not be afraid of some dampness.  

Manta Resort, Tanzania

If you like water, we recommend the Manta Resort in Tanzania in the middle of the Indian Ocean, also with an underwater bedroom. 
But instead of the murky waters of the lake, here you will have crystal clear waters and you will be able to admire the fish from very, very close up. On request, you can have breakfast served by a waiter shark, just remember to tip him otherwise you’ll be breakfast.

Igloo Village Zermatt

What's better than resting under a warm duvet after a stressful day? Wrap yourself up, get warm, close your eyes… Well, if this is your ideal of relaxation, better not go to Igloo Village Zermat. A hotel dug into the ice, including an outdoor hot tub from which to enjoy the starry alpine night. A welcome drink is also included in the living room, although what you will probably crave a lot is a nice hot herbal tea, other than Mojito.

I recommend that you do not ask to turn up the heating because you risk destroying an entire hotel structure.  

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

If you really like ice, then we recommend this hotel whose bedrooms have a glass dome so you can admire the Northern Lights without even getting out of bed. Situated amidst the Lappish ice expanses, we wouldn't recommend it for light sleepers who couldn't sleep because of the continuous light of the midnight sun. The biorhythms may be slightly out of phase.

Costa Verde - Costa Rica

A normal jungle hotel. You will be able to admire sloths, monkeys, exotic butterflies from up close, or swim in the sea and rest like never before in your life. Why then are we including it on this bizarre hotel list? Because one of the rooms is housed in a plane, a Boeing 727 to be exact. As if that weren't enough, the plane is not on the ground as you would expect, but is nestled in the middle of the trees as if it had just crashed.
Evocative! And you won't even have to put up with the stewards of a well-known low-cost airline trying to sell you anything from perfumes to scratch cards. 

Lighthouse Porer - Croatia

Resort villages are not exactly your forte? Just the idea of table games sends shivers down your spine? Can’t stand sharing your hotel with even another guest? Then Croatia has the ideal resort for you. A lighthouse 2.5 km from the closest port. To go around the islet on which it is built it takes approximately 63 seconds. And returning to the mainland depends on weather conditions. Better not invite too many friends, but on the other hand, if you go to spend your holidays here, it’s unlikely you’ll have many friends to invite. 

Have you ever experienced some bizarre vacation? Let us know!