The 8 strangest animals in the world

Animals are your great love, and maybe you are thinking of getting one: a puppy, a kitten, or a nice parrot. But why limit yourself to the usual and banal pets when could you have a pink armadillo wagging its tail around your house, or an axolotl wallowing blissfully inside the aquarium? Think what a great look you would make with your friends!

Today we at Ottovolante want to help you choose a different animal than usual, and therefore we present you the 8 strangest and little known animals in the world.

Pink armadillo

The armadillo itself is a funny looking animal. Even more so it is this very stylish pink armadillo, just 6 inches long and used to digging tunnels like a mole. We know, it would look great with those new shoes you just bought, but it is endangered and also kept out of its natural habitat it cannot survive. Not to mention that you may find yourself with nice holes in the kitchen floor and it wouldn't be the best ...

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Sula Piedazzurri

Still on the subject of fashion combinations, the animal that shows off the feet most envied by the whole animal world: the Sula Piedazzurri.
During courtship it is this color that gives the greatest mating possibilities. The bluer the feet, the more they affect females

It seems when you have to go out on a date and stay for an hour to choose what to wear to impress. We humans are not that different from Sula Piedazzurri, let's face it.

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The axolotl is a salamander, and it has a face that inspires sympathy at first glance. An amphibian animal that lives in water to save energy, but can also breathe outside air and transform into a land animal if necessary.

Above all it has a fundamental ability: he can practically regenerate his entire body without scarring, parts of the brain included, while we instead have to stand there and put a band-aid every time we scratch. How nice it would be to have this regenerative ability!

Gazelle giraffe

The gerenuk lives in Africa and is also known as "Giraffe gazelle" or "Giraffe antelope" because of its very long neck. Which if you think about it is a convenience from a certain point of view, because it allows you to eat the leaves of the trees instead of grazing on the ground. On the other hand it is very uncomfortable because, when you have to go out, to find a necklace that fits you well or a long enough tie you have to look for a lot
The good thing is a gerenuk with a tie has never been seen, but maybe just because he never found it his size, who knows.

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Purple frog

Let's face it, this frog doesn't look beautiful: the body is very stocky and the muzzle is very small. This may be why it practically never leaves the earth, and only takes advantage of the monsoon season to go out and mate. For this characteristic we can consider it among the most shy animals in the world, she would really need an injection of confidence, a friend, in short, someone to cheer her up, poor frog.

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He lives in South America and is for all intents and purposes the most undecided among the felines: in fact, he calls himself “Tiger Cat”, because he is bigger than a kitten but he would like so much to be a tiger. Kind of like us when we want to do great things but we realize that Sometimes it's hard to win all the time, and we just purr and ask for our treats.

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Panda ant

Despite the name, we are not talking about an ant, much less a panda. It is in fact a wasp widespread in Chile and Argentina, and is called "the cow killer”Because its sting is quite painful and could kill even very large animals. In reality, his favorite food is nectar, we can say that it is a gentle and calm animal but better not to make angry ...

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Thorny devil

Finally, an animal that is very nice to us because it is too mistreated when it is very sweet and not aggressive at all: the thorny devil.

The name is misleading, and even the scientific name is no less: Moloch Horridus. It will be because of those thorns that make it seem very bad and instead they are not even dangerous. If you happen to meet one, give him a pat - he'll appreciate it very much.

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