The 8 strangest foods in the world

Eating is a fundamental need, but more and more eating well becomes important. In addition to this, the rediscovery of typical dishes and gastronomic tourism are also increasingly important. Visiting a place means immersing yourself completely in its culture, seeing not only the most beautiful spaces but also tasting the deepest and most rooted flavors.

But today we show you some delicacies that only the bravest will want to taste: insects, spiders, rotting fish and other delights. More than making you hungry, your appetite may completely stop you.

Fried spiders - Myanmar

Let's start with a delicious snack, ideal to eat with a cocktail thanks to its crunchiness: fried spiders. You take tarantulas about the size of a human hand, put them in batter and throw them in oil. Live, please.
We advise against asking the question "Chest or leg?", since with 8 legs there is something to eat for everyone.

Hakarl - Iceland

Shark meat is toxic, full of acids. In Iceland they found a way to use it: they put the shark in a hole for a period between 3 and 6 months, so that it loses the liquids, and then they cut it into strips and put it to dry.
The result was defined by Anthony Bourdain, a great chef dedicated to extreme food, "the worst, most disgusting and grossest tasting thing I have ever eaten". We do not know if it was worth the effort to make these sharks edible, also given that the strongest flavor you will feel will be that ammonia

Escamoles - Mexico

Caviar is one of the finest foods in the world. Delicate, particular, pungent, it costs a lot and is synonymous with wealth. In Mexico they must have misrepresented the concept, and what is called "Mexican Caviar" is actually made from black ant eggs.
They say it is very appetizing, but when in doubt we will continue to eat caviar proper. It will be trivial, but it inspires us more.

Huitlacoche - Mexico

Always to stay in Mexico, a vegetarian alternative. If we were talking about caviar before, this is called "The truffle of Mexico". It is a fungus that infests corn plants, causes the grains to dry out and makes them horrible to see but with a taste similar to truffles.

In Mexico they cook very well, but they must have some problem with the names that are given to foods. They may be right, but they can be misleading.

Swallow's Nest Soup - Asia

Why just eat the birds, when can we steal their nests and eat them? However, it is necessary to take the nests of some Asian swallows, which are built with particular salivary secretions. Once the nests are stolen, they dissolve in hot water to create a very tasty soup. 

More, nests are usually built in hard to reach places and for this reason the dish also costs a lot. We do not know if it is worth the expense, but let's say that it is not the first way that comes to mind to spend a lot of money. 

Vegemite - Australia

The beer is tasty, flavorful and refreshing. There are residues of yeast left in the containers in which it is prepared, and it occurred to someone that they could have been used and could have been made with a spreadable cream. In Australia, Vegemite is considered a national dish, but of all the production only 2% is exported. Luckily they prefer to eat it all of their own ...

Royal Baby Gaga

Is the fior di latte ice cream too banal? So instead of using normal milk you could use breast milk! This idea came to an English ice cream maker to celebrate the birth of the “Royal Baby”, the first child of the Prince of England. 
For sure the flavor is very close to what we call "The flavors of childhood".

Sannakji from Korea

Finally, if you like sushi but think it's too mundane, you can try these raw octopus tentacles freshly cut and still moving. They say they are very good, but you just have to be careful because the suction cups are still active and must be chewed well because you risk being suffocated if they stick to the palate. 
A real persistent taste that does not go away. 

To avoid unpleasant surprises at the table, we recommend ours Reading roller coaster. You will be able to read all the ingredients on the menu, even the very small ones, and not find yourself with a rotten shark or crunchy spiders on your plate.