The 8 most incredible cinemas in the world

The magic of the big screen, the lights that go out, the stories that begin. But also the intense and terrible smell of popcorn, neighbors talking during the screening, seats that are too narrow and uncomfortable. 

All this is part of cinema and the difference between seeing a movie at home or in a large room. But there are also cinemas that add something to this magic, for better or for worse: whirlpools, mattresses, areas where children can be locked up so that they do not disturb, today we take you to the 8 most incredible and strange cinemas in the world. 

Silence in the hall, we begin.

Electric Cinema

Opened in 1910, and then closed in 1993, it has recently been reopened and returned to its former glory in the true sense of the word: leather armchairs with footrest and coffee table, comfortable front row sofas and cashmere blankets to cover you in case you get cold. 

For those who are not satisfied with watching a movie but wants to feel like a Lord or a Lady

Elgin Winter Garden

Elegant Canadian cinema, inside it reproduces a real garden and it will feel like watching a movie sitting in the middle of nature.

Not suitable for allergy sufferers or those afraid of insects, they would not be able to enjoy the projection.

Hot Tub Cinema

Why settle for armchairs when you can have them directly a jacuzzi? The Hot Tub Cinemas are set up on the terraces and allow you to watch the film comfortably immersed in the water.

Even if after two hours of soaking there is the risk of having the skin a little too hydrated ...  

Film on the rocks

Every year in Colorado, at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, an outdoor cinema review is hosted. It is about one of the largest outdoor amphitheaters in the world, literally carved out of the rock. 

Suggestive, certainly, even if we recommend to bring a pillow from home since you sit on the rock and sit too long you may feel some pain ...

Pula Arena

In Croatia there is an ancient Roman amphitheater kept very well, and film screenings are also held inside it.
The charm of feeling in Ancient Rome, hoping that no one will free the lions inside the arena. 


When you have children you often have to give up the magic of cinema. Unless you go to Cinepolis, California, where it is an area reserved for children has been set up to leave them free to have fun without thoughts.

But remember to pick them up when the movie ends, listen to me.

Yao Noi

If you are not afraid of humidity and mosquitoes, this is the outdoor cinema for you: ua floating platform in the middle of an archipelago.

Every year they do us a film festival, let's just hope they don't show “Titanic”. Given the setting, it could be a bad omen

La Salle Grand Eldorado

A whole cinema room gold coated and shimmering. It is located in Brussels and is considered a national monument. 

Very suitable for those who do not know what sobriety is.

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