The 8 craziest movies in the world

In the summer there are summer arenas and films in the square everywhere as happens for example at the Locarno Film Festival (of which we are proudly Official Eyewear Supplier) from 4 to 14 August which, in the Piazza Grande of the city, hosts screenings that can accommodate up to 8,000 spectators.

But everyone has happened to be disappointed by a movie, and today to avoid this we suggest 8 movies that you absolutely must not see. Warning, it contains spoilers but the best advice we can give you is to watch something else.

The Mask 2

The first The Mask with Jim Carrey, it became a cult film and much cited, as well as having given even more success to the lead actor. As often happens, in Hollywood they tried to shoot a continuation but it turned out badly and won several awards such as Worst Film, Worst Lead Actor, Worst Sequel and others that we don't want to mention. 

In short, it is better to watch the original film twice rather than this number 2 only once.

The killer tomatoes

Sentient tomatoes decide to take over the world, but are defeated by having them hear a song entitled Love in puberty which weakens them. One wonders what the tomatoes did wrong to the director to make him make a film like that. 

Trivia: in the sequel The return of the killer tomatoes also plays a young George Clooney. We all make mistakes in life.

Godzilla against robots

Fourteenth episode of the atomic lizard series, finally turned good, in this film he must fight with a robotic clone called Mechagodzilla. 

Basically there is the robotic clone of a lizard, invented by space monkeys.

There is already enough to decide to turn off the TV and do anything other than watch it. 


Speaking of reptiles, do we want to miss the story of a crocodile who, following the explosion of a space rocket, ingests nanorobots and becomes invincible? The only way to destroy him will be to detonate an atomic bomb inside him, and miraculously the only one to crash will be him. All the others, unharmed even though they are just a few meters from a nuclear explosion. 

They could have studied the effects of such a bomb better, but even the idea of a crocodile becoming a robot is actually not that common ...

Jack in the box

A zero-budget horror film, with very badly done special effects and with a plot that to define ridiculous is an understatement. And you know the most absurd thing? They distributed it all over the world. 

It is really true that if you believe in your dreams you can make them come true. Even if you made a bad movie.

The Boy in the Golden Kimono 6

If the first and second boy in the golden kimono told the story of a boy who became a karate champion, somehow inspired by the Karate Kid saga, in this sixth chapter American boys go on vacation to Greece using money of a friend who pretended to be run over by a sheikh's car, are robbed by a scammer who wants to show them "The Last Siren Since Homer", and win a motocross race using a scrap. 

At the end of the film, the stupidest karate match in history. There is no plausible thing in the whole film, in short.

A mermaid in Paris

Speaking of mermaids, a recent film that has not met the favor of critics or even the public. A man meets a mermaid in Paris, keeps her in the bathtub and she kills whoever passes by with her song.

Wouldn't it have been better at this point to catch a goldfish like everyone else does?


As the saying goes, "When you think you have a bad idea, think that one day someone proposed to make a movie with a tornado full of sharks." And it was a worldwide success ”.

There is only one mistake in this quote: Sharknado's have shot 6. The revenge of ugliness.

If you really want to go and see these films, we recommend that you wear our roller coasters alone. At least you can fall asleep during the screening without getting noticed.

If, on the other hand, you really want to suffer and see them better, remember that our glasses are also available graduated, from +1 to +3 degrees.