The 8 most amazing jobs in the world

In a period of upheaval, it is normal that you want to change. New interests, new discoveries and, why not, maybe even a job that satisfies us more than what we have now. But you know, sometimes the work has to be invented or it is not always what we studied for. And it is not always said that the new job is better than the previous one.

To give you an idea of how the world of work is much broader than you think, here are 8 jobs that you probably never want to do or that will make you say: “Well, in the end what they pay me for is not like that. bad…" 

Armpit odor

Using deodorant is essential for maintaining good relationships with others in civilian life. It allows us to have a pleasant scent and not infect everyone when, for example, we go on the means. But before they are put on the market, someone will have to test these perfumes, perhaps doing field experiments to verify that they get the desired effect. Here, we understand each other: we are talking about professional deodorant sniffers, specialists who are paid to smell the armpits of others and verify that the deodorants work. 

A kind of sommelier of sweat, here, even if as an image it actually sucks enough. 

Pet food taster

Very often about our pets we think: "They just miss the word!". And in fact, not being able to speak, they cannot make judgments about what they eat, or certify its goodness. This is done by humans, specialized in tasting croquettes, cans and biscuits to verify that they are good and suitable for our little friends.

Don't worry, they usually just check that the pet food is edible and then spit it out. Unless it's so good and then maybe a little taste escapes us. We do not know, however, if they also start barking afterwards. 

Fake boyfriend

If every family lunch becomes the usual sequence of “But when are you getting married? And do you have a boyfriend? " and now you can not stand the constant questions of uncles who want to know when you will put your head in order, here is the solution: the fake boyfriend!

There are specialized agencies that can provide you with actors to take to Sunday lunch, and which, upon request, also respond to your romantic chats to show to relatives to certify the union.

The good thing about having a real boyfriend is that in the event of a separation you have the right to return it free of charge and without having to fight. A nice advantage, it must be said.

Search for partners online (or Tinder manager)

But if you want a true love story but without the hassle of searching and courtship, you can pay someone to do it for you. Just pay a Tinder manager who scans dating sites and dating apps, finds candidates or candidates, verifies that they fit, and finally passes the ball to you for the final match. 

Unless the other person also has a Tinder manager who has managed everything and then at this point maybe it's better if the managers get engaged to each other, rather than you.

Netflix series viewer

Did your mother always complain about spending too much time in front of the television? If you knew this earlier, you could have said that you were studying to become a professional television series viewer! 

Before going on the air, in fact, even the TV series must be tested by someone who knows about them and who can give an opinion. People who stay for hours and hours following plots, plots, characters and who are also paid to do so. A kind of daydream for many of us, who knows if they give food vouchers or pay directly in popcorn. 

Passenger pushers

Japan has some of the best public transport in the world: punctual and very busy trains and subways, so much so that sometimes it is difficult to get everyone on the wagons. To do this we think of the real pushers of passengers, who with their white gloves force people to get on the wagons so as not to waste them even a minute.

And no one to tell them "Stop pushing!" but you know, the Japanese are a bit crazy but also very courteous.

Personal novelist

Are you madly in love and your love story looks just like that of a novel? You can turn it into a real book by paying a professional novelist who will listen to you, follow your days, see your way of loving each other and from this will draw a wonderful story. And on the cover you can put your smiling face.

A nice alternative to the classic photo album. Also very useful in case of divorce, since you will have the written evidence in black and white.

Poop forwarder

Finally, the job that we believe is the worst in the world: the shipper of poop.

In practice, there is an agency that, for a modest sum, sends a box containing animal waste to whoever you want. Maybe not a perfect Christmas present, but if you really hate someone, it's a perfect surprise.

But think of that poor wretch who has to collect the raw materials and prepare the packages. That's a bad job! Not to mention the postman who will find this beautiful delivery to do ...

Have you ever done bad or absurd jobs? We'd love to hear more!