The 8 worst Tinder dates (for him)

Blind dates are always risky. People really skilled at chatting through an app can turn out to be awful talkers, or they might hate the place we chose for our date or we could find ourselves in an awkward silence within minutes without anything to talk about.

We’d like to help you, and after revealing the 8 worst men to date, here are the 8 worst women that you could stumble upon, or better, find through your favorite dating app.

The astrologist

You got suspicious when she asked: “What’s your sign?”. But knowing that everyone likes to read the horoscope, you thought nothing of it. Then she goes on asking your rising sign, where you were born, she draws your birth chart and she leaves you saying “Sorry, I already know that it won’t work between us. I don’t go along with Pisces, rising in Gemini.”

It could have been worse, though. Like running into someone who read you the tarot cards. 

The aspiring influencer

Her cocktail comes and she takes a photo of it, the food comes and she takes a photo of it, she answers to comments, she does stories, she basically lives on her phone and doesn’t look at you at all.

Our piece of advice is to tell her: “If you don’t put your phone down I’ll remove all of my likes and I unfollow your Instagram account ”.

By threatening her to unfollow her you will at least buy yourself a 5 minute break.

The animal lover

She keeps on talking about her cats, her dogs, her vegan lifestyle and how she thinks that animals are so much better than people.

It’s not too late to run away before she asks if she can brush your shaggy fur.

The sportswoman

Her Tinder pictures show her running, surfing, doing paragliding, climbing mountains and engaging in any sport. Unless you’re an athlete, better not to fall in love with her or you’ll risk to wake up at 6am on a Sunday morning to go climb mountains, while you only wanted to stay in bed until noon.

The nice and sunny one

She is indeed nice and sunny, if it weren’t for the fact that she talks non-stop for two hours about any topic and tells you every single event of her life. You were able to say 4 sentences the whole evening, one of which was “Could we have the check, please?”.

One suggestion: if she crosses the line you can always wear Ottovolante sunglasses, she should soon realize she was a bit too sunny for you.

The intellectual

You thought you were going on a date, instead you find yourself in the midst of an oral exam you almost never know how to answer to. She quotes unknown Russian authors, jazz players that recorded only one hard-to-find album, 6-hour-long experimental plays, and asks you if you know them.

You obviously know nothing about them, and when she invites you over to watch a neorealist masterpiece in Polish with Georgian subtitles, you kindly decline only to go home to read Sports Illustrated to recover.

The business woman

When you asked her out she replied “I only have one slot available between 8.30pm and 10pm, two Thursdays from now, or it would have to be next month”. After that, she sends you a calendar reminder for the date.

She lives on conference calls and meetings, she continuously checks her emails and during dinner she even asked for your resume. And after she read it she replied “We’ll be in touch” and she goes on to her next briefing, leaving you to pay the bill.

The globetrotter

She says that she’s a globetrotter, that she always has a backpack ready to go and that she has troubles speaking Italian because she’s mainly speaking English now. During the evening she even said: “This cocktail is really… how do you say amazing in Italian again?”.

Only to find out that she is really from the Italian province of Rieti and she only left the country once to visit her cousin in London. With all due respect for Rieti, obviously.

If you want to impress your date, we suggest you to wear our Ottovolante glasses from our new collection Transparent. So that, even if the date is going wrong, you’ll still be the most charming one.

Picture of Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels