The 8 worst bosses

Once the holidays are over, it's time to go back to the office and talk again with colleagues and even with the bosses. As the tan fades we find ourselves starting over with work, meetings, deadlines, and we have to cope not only with our commitments, but also with the directives we receive from above.

If it is true that many work in harmony, with well-defined tasks and knowing what to do, it must be admitted that, at least once in our life, we too have met a bad boss. Today we bring you the 8 worst pieces you could come across on your path, and we're sure you'll recognize some of them. In case you don't recognize any of them, there are two possibilities: either you work with wonderful people, or you are the bad boss!

(Some of the examples are inspired by the book The bad boss by Domitilla Ferrari published by Longanesi)

The absent boss

She organizes meetings and doesn't show up, the office is always empty, the secretary has no idea where she is. He is always away, and if he is not there today because he has to meet a customer, tomorrow he will be away for a fair and the day after tomorrow he will have an important medical examination. From time to time he will always find a good reason not to be in the office, and he will return sporadically and strangely tanned and relaxed ...

One might wonder why he accepted that job all over again, since he hates going to the office and likes to hang around. At this point, it would have been better to consider a career as a travel blogger ...

The telephone boss

He lives on the phone, and he talks so much that it makes you wonder that he might be able to run out of the unlimited minutes included in his phone plan.

He calls you to find out what time you arrive at the office, to find out what time you are leaving, to ask you for an opinion on a subject you know absolutely nothing about. Your phone vibrates constantly due to its calls.

And when, once, you need to call him to ask him something urgent, you will most likely find himself busy. But don't worry, after less than five minutes he will call you back and keep you on the phone at least 45 minutes talking about everything except that urgent problem.

The chief procrastinator

He always says: “Come on, we will see this tomorrow” and, no one knows why, this tomorrow never comes. 

There is always something more important to do, another mysterious project that cannot wait, in short, it seems there is never a suitable day to talk.

Revenge against him? When he asks you a favor, answer him: “Look, I can't now. If it's okay for you we can do it in 2028, I hope it's not a problem ”. 

The tired boss

He sleeps little, arrives in the office upset, during meetings every now and then you have to nudge him because he risks falling asleep.

Do you think it is because he works so much, has so many thoughts and cannot fall asleep. Instead it happens because in the evening he starts watching a series on Netflix and, episode after episode, goes to sleep every night at 5. 

The most effective solution would be to unsubscribe from any streaming service, hoping that he does not start to be late by watching teleshopping on local television channels.

The chief accountant

He has to say about every expense: if you buy an extra pencil, he realizes it. If you leave the light on in the office when you leave, it will notice. If you use too much toilet paper, we don't know how it does it, but it does.

For heaven's sake, every detail is important and you can save money on everything, but since you work for a company that invoices millions of euros, how much toilet paper do you need to consume to literally send it to rolls?

If he asks you to offer him coffee, tell him that you have no money because you have spent everything on pencils and toilet paper, your favorite luxuries.

The rude boss

He doesn't say hello, he doesn't even put “Hello” in his emails, he screams as soon as he gets the chance and if there's nothing to scream for, he makes sure to find a reason.

He comments out loud, says mean jokes about everyone, and allows himself all kinds of arrogance.

If you have such a garment, don't be too angry. As they say in Naples, "You want to put rum: if one is an asshole, he cannot become a baba".

The friendly boss

Perhaps even worse than the rude boss is the boss friend: he sends you text messages, asks you to go out outside working hours to go for a drink, asks you for personal information, in short, he wants to become almost a family person to you. 

Eventually you give up and, since he wants to become one of the family, you invite him to the Christmas dinner with 50 relatives at the table. After facing 26 courses and being beaten repeatedly at cards by Uncle Peppino, he will keep his distance from you.

The sporty garment

He comes to work in overalls, organizes tournaments with colleagues and is an advocate of healthy living and outdoor sports. 

You, the last time you played sports was in middle school, you try to hide but you can't. Even presenting a medical certificate, you will be forced to go for a jog of only 15 kilometers with the whole office on Sunday morning at 7 to do team building. 

You always hope that you also organize an archery competition, in which you will finally be able to miss the target and hit him, taking a wonderful revenge.

If you want to make a good impression on your garment, we recommend that you wear some a pair of Ottovolante glasses. With that undeniable touch of style you might even get a raise ...