The 8 worst New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Not even time to get rid of Christmas lunch, and it's already time to think about New Year's Eve dinner. Friends started asking you since November "What are you doing on New Year's Eve?", but you had avoided the question thinking there was time to decide. But now New Year's Eve has arrived, you haven't planned anything and you don't know what to do. 

And here we come to your aid, telling you, however, what are the New Year's Eve to absolutely avoid.

New Year's Eve with relatives

Your mother has been frying more or less since December 8th, and the whole house is now enveloped in delicious batter and a lingering smell of fried food. The New Year's Eve dinner menu includes 42 courses, and we're only talking about the appetizers.

After the dinner, and waiting for midnight, you will manage to lose 300 euros at cards to that cheat of a cousin who with the money earned during the Christmas period every year buys a new car.  

The macrobiotic New Year

A New Year in full health, delicious and full of taste. Or at least that's what it said on the invitation. 

Instead you find yourself eating seeds and soups, and drinking juices because there is not even the shadow of alcohol. 

At 3 a.m., completely hungry, you enter the first McDonald's open and order everything on the menu. And we'll take care of your health next year.

The gourmet New Year's Eve

The restaurant menu said:

  • Appetizer with local products
  • Triumph of wheat with Apulian red
  • Robespierre style sliced beef with pommes de terre

Reality is you get two shavings of grana cheese as an appetizer, pasta with tomato sauce and a dried steak with two frozen potatoes. Which you will pay 120 euros, because on the other hand it is a holiday. Especially for the owner of the restaurant. 

New Year's Eve at the disco

You still feel young and want to dance the night away. Then you remember that you are no longer twenty years old and right after the midnight toast you want to go to sleep because you already know that the next day you will feel completely awful.  

The alcoholic New Year's Eve

Your Uncle has started popping bubbly and making toasts at 5pm, waiting for the midnight countdown. A countdown you won't be able to experience because by 9pm you'll be lifeless on the kitchen floor from too much toasting, damn you Uncle.

New Year's Eve abroad

To avoid toasts, greetings and hugs with relatives and friends, you ran away from everything and everyone. You've done very well, it's a pity that you're 6 hours away from the time zone and everyone will start calling you to wish you a happy New Year at ungodly hours and when you'd just like to sleep. Next year, consider the time difference before you get those plane tickets. And get off the phone.

New Year's Eve in bed

"Next year on New Year's Eve, I'm going to bed at 10:00pm!" You say it every year and then you never do, but you know when you think about it, it doesn't have to be so bad? It's certainly very alternative...

Whatever New Year's Eve you're going to have, we hope you have a fantastic and splendid New Year. And to live it in style, spend it together with a pair of Ottovolante glasses!