The 8 worst Halloween costumes

Now widespread throughout the world, the Halloween holiday is the perfect opportunity to dress up in the most bizarre ways and look great at parties.

Every costume is allowed, but there are some that might be best avoided. And we are right here to save your costume party and let you know which costumes, if we were you, we would avoid altogether. 

The panda or teddy bear costume

A costume that always makes you laugh and takes you back to childhood, to the softness of stuffed animals. Fun and comfortable, with one peculiarity: it is made of fleece and inside it develops a temperature of about 240 degrees, creating an intolerable microclimate after a few minutes.

Suitable only for those who are really cold. But really, really cold.

The lifeguard costume

How many crazy laughs with this costume that pokes fun at "Baywatch" lifeguards! It has it all: the curvy figure, the athleticism, the blond hair... Wait, but what do I see there? Did it really occur to anyone to put that detail at the bottom that I'm sure you noticed?

Hopefully, no one will think of actually buying it or worse, showing it off at a party....

The Pierrot costume

One of the classic childhood nightmares is the Pierrot costume: a sad, white clown with a tear painted on his cheek. And yes, Halloween is supposed to be a goliardic evening, full of joy, trick-or-treating. Here the only trick seems to be the one made by mothers who have traumatized generations of children with this depressing costume.

The ghost costume

A great classic for young and old alike. All you need is a sheet with two holes for eyes, and there you have the perfect scary costume that saves your night without too much effort.

Only problem: too many people make the wrong choice of sheet, so we have ghosts with floral motifs, more suitable for spring than Halloween, or they choose the very expensive and precious bedding sheet from the wedding trousseau. Resulting in the fury of mothers or wives who would have preferred a vampire costume, a mummy costume, or better yet to stay home that night.

The missing child costume

We actually liked it a lot: a headdress in the shape of a milk carton in which to put your head to look like a picture of a missing child. Sure, maybe it's a bit over the top, but mostly there's the risk of someone calling the number on the carton or taking you home early before the party is even over.

The costume to explain

To enter this category are hundreds of costumes for which it is not immediately clear what they stand for. Some people put on shiny shoes and a jacket and think they are Michael Jackson, some with a backpack want to look like a schoolboy, and some we really can't figure out what they had in mind when they created the combinations. 

The result is that throughout the party they will have to answer the question, "But what are you dressed up as?" missing all the fun.

The beer costume

This is also a lot of fun except that in case of a police check, the test to measure the alcohol level is assured. Best to stay sober.

The inflatable cow costume 

Really beautiful and classy. A kind of huge balloon in the shape of a cow that you can fit into to make others laugh. Be careful, though, to wear it only once you get to the party, otherwise it becomes really difficult to get into the car and drive with that bovine waist you're going to get.

Have you already decided what costume to wear for Halloween night? Will you prefer sobriety or will you unleash your imagination with something extreme?
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