The 8 Worst Christmas Packs

One of the most stressful moments of the Christmas holidays is choosing Christmas presents, and we had already talked about what are the worst gifts to receive. But there is one aspect that is always talked about too little, and that is the packaging in which the gift is packaged.

You never find wrapping paper, and what you find on sale is too shiny, or too short, and then how are you going to wrap a bicycle? Or a stuffed animal?

Today we want to review the 8 worst Christmas packages to give you some suggestions on how to avoid wasting paper, polystyrene and above all time in doing something that is useless, let's face it.

The recycled paper package

Attention, we are not talking about recycled paper which is very useful to avoid cutting down trees. Let's talk about recycled wrapping paper from other gifts. Just think, there are people who keep paper from past years in drawers, and who are very careful to open presents without tearing them up so they can reuse them.

The result is that the gift arrives wrapped in a package full of creases, because it can be seen that that paper has seen better times.

Unless there's someone who even irons out the creases before using it again, which is maybe even worse.

The package impossible to open

There are people who, perhaps due to excessive insecurity, wrap their gifts in a triple layer of paper, abounding with generous rounds of adhesive tape to block any possibility of premature opening. It could be useful, of course, and it would be a nice security, except that the package turns out to be impossible to open and to see what they gave you, you have to use the blowtorch and finally force open the precious casket. To then find yourself surrounded by a ton of useless paper that you will inevitably have to throw in the trash.

The huge package

Perhaps because they use boxes that were originally designed for other objects, there are those that arrive with a gigantic package in which you expect to find who knows what, and then once opened they reveal a miserable content such as a bracelet or even worse a key ring.

But did it take so long to find a package of the right size? Why do you make us feel too bad!

Not enough wrapping paper

It often happens when you get to the last package: you go to wrap it, and you realize that the wrapping paper is finished and it's too late to go buy more. What to do? Surely you can't use a different paper, and then maybe you can't find another one in the house.

And then you ingenuity leave a piece uncovered. A very small piece, perhaps in the bottom part of the package, hoping that they never turn it upside down to see that incomplete and very sad little piece sticking out.

Next year, buy a square mile of wrapping paper, and that won't happen.

The package with the newspaper

Even if the publishing industry is in crisis and newspapers are bought less and less, there is always a newspaper in the house that someone will use to wrap presents. With the result that, on Christmas night, you find your package wrapped in very sad news such as "Inflation is rising", "Shooting in the city center" or "The national football team did not qualify for the World Cup".

The perfect way to spoil the party.

The transparent paper

Perhaps because they wanted to make an elegant package, someone has used tissue paper to wrap gifts. Except that the tissue paper is practically transparent, and the surprise effect disappears when you can see what is inside against the light. 

At this point we prefer those who make a package with too much paper, at least it takes us a lot of time to open it but we have the taste for discovery.

The package with the price inside

It often happens with books, or with those distracted people who always arrive at the last moment. In a hurry you forget to cover the price, or even worse you forget the receipt inside the gift bag. What to do in these cases? Our advice is to make it clear that no expense has been spared and that the joy of the gift is more precious than base money. Hoping you have spent enough and have not been too stingy…

The glitter pack

This is the most terrible category: glitter wrapping paper. Which may be glitzy, glittery and full of joy, but it sure fills your house, your clothes and even your body with tiny glitters that will make you shine far beyond the Christmas holidays. It is said that there are people who still find glitter in the house in which the gift they received in 2005 was wrapped…

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