The 8 worst dads

Fathers, symbols of strength and masters of life. Fathers, present and fundamental in the growth of children. Fathers, how beautiful they are. Almost always.

Because let's admit it, fathers are not always the rocks we thought they were, and when we see them cheering their children on too much from the stands of the football field or when they start dancing in an uncomfortable way at wedding parties, we feel a little ashamed. But that's the way they are, what can you do about it?

So, to celebrate Father's Day we wanted to collect the 8 worst fathers you can meet. But we do it just to wish them well, of course.  

The sporty dad

Even if age begins to advance, he does not give up and continues to play football, squeezes into a tight suit and whizzes on his racing bike, puts on shorts and tank top and runs for miles. But then how come that belly never goes down? Simple, because he does all these activities just so he can go to the diner later and binge. And if you consume 2,000 calories on the bike but then eat 3,500 calories at the table, it was really pointless to put in all that effort.

The trainer dad

Similar to the sportsman, but instead of doing sports directly he has turned all his ambitions on his children. He takes them to football, dance, skating, trains them, spurs them, compiles detailed training tables to make them become the best. 

Too bad he almost never gets to see a game or a competition through to the end because he gets so excited and angry that he starts insulting everyone and is carried off by the other parents. Much to the relief of the kids.

The Masterchef dad

He calls himself the wizard of the stove and spends all day preparing and cooking for the family complicated, sophisticated dishes with strange ingredients.

Usually the dishes are discarded because no one likes them and a pizza is ordered to the great joy of everyone, even the aspiring Masterchef Dad who will never admit it.

The fashionable dad

As he gets older, he decides that he still needs to be fashionable and begins to dress like his children, in some cases stealing their clothes. Only he has never learned to match colors and clothes and therefore leaves the house dressed in an embarrassing way, with the result that the children if they meet him on the street pretend not to know him not to make a bad impression with friends.

The driver dad

He loves his car and would go anywhere driving it, even shopping at the supermarket 200 meters from home. He pampers it, washes it, and gets it serviced every 1,000 kilometers to make sure everything is okay.

To thank him for this devotion to the car, his children think it's good to fill it with bumps while playing football, or to feel bad every time they go on a trip. Maybe it was better to buy the bike, at least he wouldn't have to share it with the family.

The daddy stylist

Dreaded by daughters all over the world, when he has to get them ready for school he doesn't know where to start, he gets the clothes wrong, he completely ties himself up with rubber bands when he tries to fix their hair, and he takes them to class with their pajama pants still on and the hair down making them look like the Little Match Girl. Some daughters pretend to have stomach aches so they don't have to go to school looking like that.

The videogamer dad

It wouldn't even be bad actually, because it's a great idea to spend time with your sons and daughters playing video games together. Except that he is competitive, if he plays FIFA he always wants to have the strongest teams and if he is defeated he gets up and leaves saying it's time to do your homework, or he always wants to have a rematch even if it's late at night because he is very poor at playing and can not win even one.

His children sometimes lose games on purpose so that they can finally go to sleep and leave him to cheer alone in the living room as if he had won the World Cup. 

The influencer dad

One day he decided he wants to be on social, to be a TikToker, to be seen on Instagram stories. But he doesn't even know where to start, and the results are ridiculous. Badly shot videos, photos uploaded backwards, stickers used nonsensically. To avoid all this, some children hide his smartphone from him and force him to use a phone without even a camera from which he can only text and call. 

We joked about fathers, we know there are wonderful ones and they deserve a nice gift too. If we can give you a suggestion, you could give him a pair of Ottovolante glasses: they will surely look good on him and he will feel really fashionable, for once.