The 8 worst Christmas gifts

Christmas is the most beautiful party of the year: the lights, the trees, the gifts ... gifts it must be said that sometimes they improve the atmosphere, sometimes they destroy it completely. Wrong sizes, forgotten friends and recycled gifts are a constant every self-respecting December 25th.

We all got something we didn't like, and we all got something awful at one time or another. This year, in order not to be mistaken, here is our guide to the ugliest gifts that can be done or even worse received.

Scented candle

It costs little, takes up little space and always makes a good impression, right? Too bad that that candle is going to add up to the other 84 candles given away this year, because everyone had this nice idea. 

Not to mention the fragrances, ranging from patchouli to wet dog. Stuff you never want to see a flame again in your entire life.

Gloves, scarf and hat

Winter, cold, you can play it safe with a nice combination of scarf, hat and gloves. In many colors and in many shades, these warm garments they will go straight into the closet because now with the global warming of really cold days there will be 3 throughout the year and obviously on that day we will forget to cover ourselves well. 

The basket

Oh, the typical products, what a delight, what goodness! All excellent, except for those who give you in the basket of typical products at € 9.90 at the discount. Parmesan aged 36 months that arrives already moldy, sparkling red wine that is not even good for blending risotto, and a 3-kilo cotechino that will remain in its package until the expiration date arrives and, finally, you can throw it away without second thoughts.   


With a nice tie for dad, you can never go wrong. Only that the father wore the tie for the last time in 1998 for a wedding, and since then she doesn't even remember how to tie the knot. 

This too, will go to keep the scarf, gloves and hat company in the closet. 

The handmade gift

The passion for DIY has almost always produced objects that are uglier than useful. Vases all crooked on one side of a disturbing brown color, papier mache objects that you have no idea where to place in the house, paintings that scare children and finally handmade sweaters, with all the wrong measurements and in which you find it hard to understand where you put your head and where your arms. But you have to wear it anyway, because whoever gave it to you is keen to see it on you at least once. And you wear it, but with great shame.     

The (wrong) book

Giving books is very nice, but you need to know which books are read by those who receive the gift. Otherwise we find ourselves giving a romance novel to the thriller enthusiast, a philosophical essay to those who only read books on gardening, and above all the bestseller of the moment. to those who read only very long Polish novels by authors who died young. In the original language, however.

The kitchen tool

The damages of the various cooking programs on television are innumerable. Many have discovered themselves as chefs, and are given gifts every year tools that will be used when it works only once. The drawers are full of egg separators, torches for the creme brulèe and sac-à-poche that are still intact and that will remain there for eternity.

The recycled gift

Finally, the protagonist of any self-respecting gift exchange: the recycled gift. It can belong to any of the categories described above, or be completely new and useless, the important thing is that it whirls around from friend to friend, in an endless chain of gifts that nobody wants and that nobody knows how to make disappear. Hoping never to recycle the same gift to the person who gave it to us for the first time.

It tells of scarf-gloves-hat kits given for the first time in 1994 and since then in continuous pilgrimage from one house to another, every Christmas a new tree to stand under.  

If you want to play it safe, ergive something that is good for everyone, both useful and above all exceptionally beautiful, we suggest a nice pair of Ottovolante glasses.. Whether they are on their own or on screen, they will like them so much that you can be sure no one will ever recycle them!