The 8 worst remakes in the history of cinema

Even the cinema industry sometimes prefers to play it safe and not risk proposing new stories, so what's better than a good remake? You take a movie, you change the actors and we can be sure it will be a success!

Unfortunately, things are not always that simple, like when after years you meet your teenage love again and find that he is no longer the wonderful person you remembered.

Times change, tastes change, and what seemed like an announced success turns out to be a terrible flop. After all, we know very well that heated soups are not always popular ...

Today we are going to see 8 of the worst cinematic remakes ever made. Wrong stories, films that have lost the spirit of the original or are simply too ambitious to be as successful as the first time. 

Ben Hur

In 1959 the film Ben Hur obtained 11 Oscars and held the record for Oscars won for 38 years. A masterpiece of cinema, a blockbuster that has inspired generations of directors. The chariot race then, despite all the technical limitations present in 1959, is cited as one of the best scenes ever shot. 

In 2016 the remake is shot, which with all the technical possibilities offered by technology should be even more grandiose. But no, it's much worse than the original. Obviously they didn't have enough budget.


In 1998 the twenty-third film dedicated to the best known lizard in the history of cinema was shot: Godzilla.

However, if the previous twenty-two films had been shot in Japan, this is the first shot entirely in America. Maybe it lacks the oriental atmosphere, or that, as usual, the Americans got carried away and exaggerated, the fans turned against this film, considering it the worst ever shot on Godzilla. And not that the others were masterpieces, mind you.

Planet of the Apes

There were all the prerequisites for a great remake: a great story, a science fiction film loved by the general public, a visionary director like Tim Burton. Too bad, however, that the film completely lacks expressiveness and magic. It may be because of the heavy makeup used to turn the actors into monkeys, who knows.

Overwhelmed by fate

Lina Wertmuller's comedy was a merciless satire of the class difference between rich and poor, while the 2002 remake is not sobering or even laughable. It just makes you want to escape to a desert island like the protagonists do and never have to see movies like these again.

Yet not only was it a makeover, but they also chose the son of the original film's protagonist! More remakes than this ...

The chosen one

A man arrives on an island and is sacrificed in a stake by a matriarchal society. We know, this is a spoiler, but at least in this way we avoid you from seeing one of the ugliest and silliest horror movies ever made.
Nicholas Cage manages to break his own record as the least expressive actor in the history of cinema.


The 1981 original Arturo is in the top ten of the funniest films in history, according to some specialized magazines. The remake of 2011, on the other hand, manages to be so little fun that it did not even reach cinemas in Italy, but only in home video. 

Do we want to add something else? It seems to us not, we have already spent enough words for this negligible film.


Remained in the heart of the millennials and Generation X, Robocop is the science fiction story of a policeman who, after a shooting, receives robotic armor while keeping his human heart. A bit trashy, for sure, but it also remains the symbol of a dystopian society dominated by capitalism.

The 2014 film, on the other hand, is not bad either, except that it is very sad to see how that dystopia in many cases has materialized. Even if we don't see robot policemen around and we hope we never have to see any.   


After the great international success of Life is Beautiful Roberto Benigni decides to make his dream come true by shooting a very expensive version of Pinocchio. The film goes badly in Italy and badly in America.

One of those cases in which it would have been better to keep dreams in the drawer ...

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