The 8 worst returns from holidays

We are in late September and only very few people are still on vacation. Most of us have returned to the office to talk to colleagues, or to answer emails and live the usual daily routine. 

Every year the return from holidays finds us unprepared, we thought that summer would never end and instead, here is where autumn is approaching. In order not to make you feel too melancholy, we have put together 8 among the worst returns from holidays, but we'll close with some good news.

1 - Enthusiastic colleague

You go back to the office, you sit in front of the computer and, as punctual as the tax deadline, the colleague or colleague arrives this summer he made an extraordinary trip to a beautiful place and he can't wait to show you all the photos, all the same and above all all blurry that he took of sunsets, landscapes, monuments and other joys that, let's face it, don't interest you at all. 

We all know someone like that but, in case you don't know them, think that maybe you could be the one who talks to everyone about their holidays. An advice: don't do it again, please.

2 - Back mails

A few weeks ago we set up the Out Of Office thinking that there probably wouldn't be too many emails to reply to when we returned, and instead at the first opening immediately after the holidays we discovered that we had received them hundreds and hundreds, all urgent and all starting "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you even if you're on vacation ...". But these people never go on vacation, don't they ever take a break? Or maybe your hobby is sending work emails?

3 - Children at school

For those with children, the return from vacation coincides with the return to school, and therefore: wake up early, breakfast to prepare, bathroom always busy, and take the child to school, and go and pick him up, and take him to tennis, swimming pool, football , dance or who knows what other activity. 

The only consolation for parents is that sooner or later the children will grow up and it will no longer be necessary to carry them around, but only to give them money. Which is perhaps even worse.

4 - Lost passwords

You turn the computer back on, and you realize that the salt or maybe the sun they have erased all passwords from your memory, and even the computer no longer remembers them because it's been too long since you last turned it on. And then go and recover them all, click on “Have you lost your password?”, Enter the new password and the computer says: “The new password cannot be the same as the old password”. 

Why admit it, you use the same password for everything, right?

5 - But have you put on kilos?

Go for your first coffee with your colleagues and, noticing that you haven't had many limits in eating and drinking during the holidays, someone throws in there a: "You put on a few pounds, right?”With a smirk of satisfaction and irony. And you smile outside but you cry inside, because in the end you knew that that Mojito-based diet it wouldn't have done you any good with your figure and it's time to go on a diet again, before Christmas comes.

6 - Summer advertising

Once at home, to relax, you may want to watch some television. Too bad that the ads are still full of people in costume going to dance on the beach, and that the slogans keep saying “This summer…”.

On August 31, all advertisements about sun, sea, travel and holidays should be abolished. We should launch a petition.

7 - The blanket for sleeping

With the heat we lie on the bed in our underwear, hoping for a bit of breeze from the open windows to cool us down. But we know very well that in September there will come a day when, by treachery, that breeze they craved only a few days ago will become too cold to resist and we will have to get up to close the windows and take a blanket to sleep. 

In the meantime, the pajamas watch us from afar, well aware that his time will soon return and then yes that summer will really be over.

8 - The tan that goes away

We hardly notice it, but every time we take a shower, slowly, a new layer of tanned skin goes away along with the bubble bath, and in some cases along with the tears that flow when we think the next summer vacation is still more than 300 days away. If it can console you, think that others are fading like you and also that there is very little to see the first panettone on the shelves of supermarkets. 

The good news

But let's close with a flourish! We know that the days are getting shorter, it starts to get cold, the swimsuits go back in the drawers and the next holidays are far away. All true, but there is also some good news in late summer: we will no longer have to listen to those horrible summer catchphrases that have haunted us in recent months. Like the costumes, reggaeton also goes to rest at least until June. Isn't this good news? 

Plus, if you want to take a little summer with you all year round, we recommend wearing it our Ottovolante glasses. Alone for hot days, by sight or from the screen for the days closed at home, but always colorful and cheerful more than the summer hits.

Cover photo: sergio souza from Pexels