The 8 worst video games of all time

Video games are now considered the stars of contemporary culture. Exciting as TV series, majestically written like the best literature, they are not just entertainment for kids as they have been considered for too many years.

But video games’ history has not always been so seamless and successful. Horrific games have been researched, developed and marketed, which have often turned out to be exceptional flops and have sometimes risked destroying the reputation of an entire software production company.

Today we look at the 8 worst video games of all time. Put on your glasses with a blue screen filter, preferably Ottovolante, and let's get started!

Today we go to see the 8 worst video games in history. Put on your glasses with the blue filter for the screen, better if roller coaster, and let's get started!


Toyota probably said one day: "We need to bring the world of young people closer to our new Yaris, why don't we make a video game out of it?" And everyone must have applauded enthusiastically.

Too bad that video games are popular because they make people's imaginations soar. Fact is that few people dream of turning on the console and driving a Yaris. Despite the laser beams introduced on the video game model, which could actually be very useful in traffic.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow

There are many films based on comic book series or superhero movies, sometimes even successful ones, but this Batman was a colossal flop. Slow, rigid, with a bad plot but above all dark, too dark. You can barely catch a glimpse of the main characters, and agreed that Batman is the King of the Night, but here it really goes too far!

Batman Dark Tomorrow

Deal or No Deal

It happens that video games are not only made for shooting, beating or running, but also have a cultural implication. One example is 'Who wants to be a millionaire', based on a television programme, and despite there being no real money win in the end, at least there is the thrill of the intellectual challenge.

But it must have seemed like a good idea to someone to make a game based on the programme 'Deal or No Deal', which in Italy was known as 'Affari tuoi'. A game in which boxes are opened, tied exclusively to luck and not at all to skill. If only there was money to be won at the end, or at least food vouchers.

Spogs Racing

The Nintendo Wii was one of the first truly interactive consoles, where you could actually move around in real life as well as on the screen. But every now and then it has made some glaring missteps, like this game where you could build your own race car, which was actually impossible to drive. And when we say impossible, trust us, it really was a nightmare.

Maximum freedom does not always equal maximum pleasure. 

Bone Town

After the success of "Grand Theft Auto" many video games have learned to talk about raw, very hard themes, giving players great freedom of movement. Very large maps and interesting challenges, perhaps in the role of a criminal.

Unfortunately, not all clones have the same success, especially when you make a very banal video game like this one based on sex and drugs, but you forget to include transport and making the hardest task to move the character from one part to another. So boring, so boring.

Mario Hotel

Nintendo and Sony fell out and stopped working together, but Sony managed to get a contract to use Nintendo characters in some new games. Obviously the first choice fell on Mario, or rather Mario Bros, and the video game developed by Sony turns out to be... total crap.

It is called Hotel Mario, and the aim of the game is to close one door per level in this hotel built by Bowser, the villain. At the end of the game it seems that the only aim is to close the doors to prevent them from drafting and catching cold.

In short, it's not enough to have the right character to make a great video game. Not to mention that the characters look like those cartoon rip-offs, bad copies of original animations that are produced to ape the big hits of the moment. Like when "The Samsonadzes" came out, which was the Georgian version of the "The Simpsons".

Ninjabread man

A game in which you run, defeat enemies, overcome missions and challenges like a real ninja. Only in this case the ninja is a gingerbread man. That's right, the little Christmas biscuit.

We understand all, but how did it happen that someone truly believed that a biscuit that defeats enemies could be interesting? Let's hope he's fired, this marketing genius.


And finally, the greatest masterpiece of bad video games: ET.

For the release of Spielberg's film, Atari, at the time the world's biggest video games software house, got the rights to make the ET video game. But the time for the development was very tight and the money spent was too much.

The result: a badly developed game, 4 million copies created against only 10 million consoles in the United States, customers demanding their money back after buying the game.

In the end, Atari buried millions of copies of the game in the New Mexico desert. For years it was thought to be an urban legend, but recently the copies have been found.

Atari's reputation also went into the ground, and from that moment on an inexorable decline began. 

Et videogame

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