The 8 most absurd places to visit in the world

Maybe you have already booked your holidays in a beautiful holiday resort but let's face it, always go to the Caribbean, to Paris, to Venice, in short, after a while 'bored. And here comes Ottovolante, the only brand of glasses (very cool, by the way) that, in addition to protecting the eyes, makes you see the most particular places in the world without leaving your home

Here it is for you the 8 most incredible tourist spots we have unearthed. Even the usual boring projection of photos on returning from vacation will take on a completely different flavor.   

Principality of Sealand

On Christmas Eve 1966 Paddy Roy Bates, due to some problems with justice, occupied a platform off the English coast, in international waters, e proclaimed it an independent state. Since then, his family has passed on the hereditary title of Prince of the Island, and to this day the nation of Sealand holds the Guinness Book of Records of "Smaller area to claim Nation status".

We don't know if he has a souvenir shop or a post office to send postcards from. It must be said that if you want to be truly at peace with no one around, Sealand is an excellent destination considering that not even the current Prince lives there anymore. To say how interesting it is to be there. 

Retba Lake

In Senegal there is a small lake which, due to the algae contained within it, it takes on a beautiful pink color which makes it, presumably, the trendiest lake on the planet. Among other things, it also has a very high concentration of salt that allows you to walk on it easily, and you can show off your photo of walking on the water with all your friends.

We recommend combining it with ours RD Pink roller coaster, for a ton-sur-ton unforgettable. 

Wave Rock

If you like waves but hate water, again we have the solution: The Wave Rock. It is located in Australia, and it is a gigantic rock that looks eerily like a wave about to crash on the rocks.
Perfect if you love surfing but you don't want to ruin the style of your hair.

The nine hells of Beppu

Usually when we think of holidays in a spa resort we associate them with a place where, let's face it, you get bored a lot. But what if we told you that in Japan could you go to the hot springs in a pleasant place called “The Nine Hells of Beppu”? The name already suggests that we are not exactly talking about a boring place populated by people with rheumatism and asthma problems. 

There you will find thermal waters with temperatures from 37 to 98 degrees, and we recommend you take a nice bath in the relaxing who-no-Ike Jigoku. Ah, translated means "Lake of blood”, Because it has waters of a beautiful bright red color. Relaxing, right?

You could wear ours Rollercoaster PNT Flame red, and the scenographic effect would be guaranteed!

Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de la bodegas it is a pretty little town in Andalusia, very warm, and which has nothing special except the fact that he was devoured by the rock. Or rather, it seems that the rock is eating it, because the houses are built half inside and half outside of a rocky massif that has actually been there for millennia and will hardly collapse right now that you have decided to go there. .

A nice little place, if you like the idea of being all the time with the feeling of being under a landslide.

Sedlec Ossuary

If you happen to be passing through the Czech Republic we recommend a visit to Sedlec, where you can find a very pretty, pretty Christian chapel, full of statues and decorations. All normal, except that the statues, decorations and even the walls are made of human bones and skulls

Due to the excess of bones that had been found following the dismantling of the cemetery, the friars of a convent had found themselves with a lot of skeletons that they did not know how to manage and where to put. In 1800 an artist arrived at the service of the court who decided, with a brilliant twist, to decorate the whole church using what he had most in abundance: bones and skulls.
After all, everyone uses what they find.

Holy Trinity Monastery

Suitable only for those with the physique to deal with it, the Holy Trinity Monastery is located in Greece and is perched on an isolated rock and far away from everything. It can be visited, of course, but first you have to make a staircase with lots of steps. And we must consider ourselves lucky, because until the early twentieth century to get there you had to use a hand scale.

We don't know if it's closer to Heaven from there, but it certainly comes close enough to stay dry.


In this Welsh village there is nothing particular to visit, it would be enough to stop at the entrance sign of the city. This is the town with the longest name in the world, if you happen to go there, send us a postcard. Oh my God, considering the name of the town, a postcard that reads "Greetings from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”Could be as long as two or three meters.

Wherever you go on vacation, to the sea, to the mountains or to strange places, don't forget to bring your roller coasters alone. Among other things, now also graduated, so you have no more excuses not to use them!