The 8 strangest dresses in the world

With summer approaching, we just want to dress up, go out wearing new clothes and show our beauty to everyone. But what happens if last year’s clothes don’t work for us or we don’t like them anymore? Or maybe we gained or lost some weight and we need to renew our closet and do some shopping?

No worries, here at Ottovolante we will suggest you some unbeatable outfits. Unbeatable in a figure of speech way, because we’re talking about the 8 worst outfits that could ever be found in your closet. And if later you’ll feel like buying them, who are we to stop you? Even if you could be arrested for lack of good taste.

Furry swimsuit

Summer is here, it’s time to go to the beach and you’re afraid your body won’t live up to the swimsuit season? Or maybe you forgot to wax and you’re afraid you won’t look good? No problem, just wear a swimsuit with a nice hairy body on it! Just trust that, by showing off this one-piece swimsuit that turns heads at the beach, having hairy legs will be the least of your problems.

You want to get a nice present for your partner but he already has everything and you don’t know what to choose? Offer him yourself! It will only take one gesture and voila, the package is easily unwrapped.

Do you want to give your partner a nice gift but you don't know what to choose because he already has everything? Give them yourself! A gesture is enough et voila, the package is as beautiful as unwrapped.

And this time, it will be much harder to re-gift the present.

See-through pants

If you have beautiful legs and you want to show them off, but at the same time you’re sensitive to the cold, we have the right solution for you: see-through pants. the transparent pants.

Made of 100% plastic, they will allow you to show it all, knees included, without fearing that a gust of wind will give you the goosebumps. Sure, maybe you’ll sweat a bit, but we know too well that beauty is never without pain.

Oh, it might be appropriate to choose nice underwear before wearing them…

Stained jeans

Suitable for both men and women, especially for those who are always distracted and fear of soiling those nice new pant they just bought. Just get ahead of the problem, and buy jeans that are already stained! get those nice new pants dirty that he just bought. Just prevent the problem, and buy jeans that are already stained at the origin!

With a nice mud-like hue, you will be safe from any accident and you will never need to wash them again.

Cold-shoulder jacket

On the other hand, if we have the caliente shoulders syndrome (maybe it’s a thing, who knows) you can choose to cover up only partially, leaving your shoulders uncovered to let the breeze in. It would be easier to wear a sleeveless shirt, you say? Too easy, those who always want to be on trend must go beyond the banalities.

Hugging Jacket

Suitable for those who are needy, a jacket that literally hugs and cuddles. You will be cuddled and cozied by 4 pairs of hands that will come together and will give you that human touch that you can’t seem to find in others.

Perfect for introverts who need hugs without too much contact.

Pants that support for real

For those who aren’t afraid of showing off their backside but need a support that does the trick, the pants “Atlas who carries the world” over his shoulders. Hoping that everything doesn’t fall apart once taken off.

Nicholas Cage 

To have a smiley face everywhere we go, even on our own body, what’s better than wearing Nicholas Cage’s beautiful face? Available in different shapes, sizes, colors, but unfortunately, never with an expression.

We’re still wondering how was it possible that someone thought of creating this clothing line. We really can’t wrap our head around it.

Whatever your favorite look is, casual, elegant or crazy like in this case, be reassured that the Ottovolante glasses match perfectly with everything.

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