The 8 wildest parties in the world

Around the world you can find many celebrations of local folklore that may seem to say the least, bizarre. There are goats that get crowned, inhabitants of entire villages that roll in the mud, and those who fry tons of fish for the passing crowds. 

In short, there are events to satisfy everyone’s preferences. Today we are going to read about eight events that you absolutely must not miss on your next trip, which we hope will happen very soon.

8) Puck Fair - Killorglin (Ireland)

A 9-year-old girl is crowned as queen in Ireland's oldest festivity (at least according to the locals) which takes place from 10 to 12 August. But who will be the king? Maybe another child? Not quite. The king is a wild goat that is captured a few days before the party and released after three.

We could say that this is the revenge of the goats, who finally see their status recognised. Although, more often than not, it is those in power who behave like goats, but that's another story.

7) Mud Boryeong Festival - Boryeong (South Korea)

Every year for two weeks in South Korea they hold this festival, which attracts millions of people and revolves around a single main ingredient: mud. They have a mud slide, a mud pool, and even mud ski championship. The festival was created by a cosmetics company and enhances the therapeutic properties of this element.

In our opinion, after this festival they should hold the smooth skin festival. After two weeks in the mud, it the least they could do.

6) Festival of the frying pan - Camogli (Italy) 

You know when you fry something at home and you have to open the windows to make the smell go away? Immagine what it must be like to fry 3 tons of fish in a 4 meter stainless steel pan with a 6 meter handle. First of all you need 3,000 litres of oil, a very large fire and then to be in the seaside town of Camogli, in Liguria, on the second Sunday of May.

It will be a bit like participating in a cholesterol festival. If you go there, don't tell your dietician.

5) Garlic Festival - Gilroy (USA)

If you like strong flavours, are not afraid to face others, and you are not a vampire, you can visit the Garlic Festival. Tons of garlic, garlic rain, the best garlic-based dishes, and probably also the sale of garlic-based air fresheners for your home or car. A joy for your palate, for your breath, and for everyone’s nose.

Recommended for those looking for a stable relationship, because if you find someone who wants to kiss you passionately after eating all that garlic, they will surely love you for the rest of your life.

4) Air Guitar World Championship - Oulu (Finland)

This is not a real party but more like a championship between competing guitarists. Only thing is, these guitarists don't have a guitar, they just pretend to play one. This is the air guitar discipline, in which you have to perform moves, acrobatics and above all funny faces by pretending to play a non-existent electric guitar. If you're wondering “is it possible to do this without looking like a moron?" the answer is no, it's impossible not to look like a moron. Anyway, everyone has as much fun as they can.

3) The snake festival - Cocullo (Italy)

Every year on May 1st in Cocullo, in Abruzzo, the statue of San Domenico Abate is carried in procession. So far nothing peculiar. Except that the statue is completely wrapped in live snakes. And that almost everyone around has at least one snake in their hand as a symbol of prosperity. The reptiles are collected by special “snakes” the days before the procession, and take them from the woods to place them on the statue, to then release them into the wild once the party is over.

This is the only party in the world where "You are a snake!" is a compliment.

2) El Salto del Colacho - Castrillo de Murcia (Spain)

What could be better to protect a one year old child than a Devil's Leap? It sounds absurd, but it’s is exactly what happens during the "Salto del Colacho" festivity. Babies born in the last 12 months are placed on the ground, and a man dressed as a devil, or Colacho as the locals call him, jumps over them with an agile leap.

We don't know if it works, but we do know that local parents would do anything to protect their children. Perhaps in this case they are exaggerating, at least a little ...

1 - Kanamara Matsuri - Kawasaki (Japan)

We close with a little-known but certainly impactful party: Kanamara Matsuri. The name may tell you very little. It celebrates fertility and family, and during this festivity, a gigantic penis is carried in procession through the streets of Kawasaki. Yes, you read correctly.

We could make hundreds of jokes about this party, but our good taste prevents us from doing so, as we don’t want things to get vulgar.

Have you ever attended other strange party or event? If we missed any, we are really curious to know more!