The 8 worst ideas for Valentine's Day

The party of lovers is a fundamental moment of the year for every couple, because it is a perfect test bed. Making a mistake or forgetting to congratulate can lead to the breakdown of any relationship. 

Even worse if you forget to give a gift or worse still give the wrong one to your other half. In short, the mistake is always around the corner and we must hope that February 15th will arrive soon so as not to have to think about it anymore, at least until next year. 

Today we give you some tips on how to avoid making mistakes, giving you 8 examples of bad ideas that could come to you on Valentine's Day. If you avoid them, you have a good chance of staying as a couple again next year.


We are not talking about flowers in general, which are a very nice and welcome thought. We are talking about when you try to be funny by giving a succulent plant or chrysanthemums. Here, there is little to be witty, give some beautiful flowers and, perhaps, try to understand which are his favorite flowers. Otherwise you risk giving the very flower she is allergic to and find yourself toasting with antihistamines. 

Ah, and maybe don't just give them flowers on Valentine's Day, in order to avoid the reaction "What is it you have to be forgiven this time, huh?". Say it with a flower, but say it well.


If you show up with a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day, perhaps after she's been on a diet for two months, you risk having them thrown at you. 

Forrest Gump used to say: “Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what happens to you”. If you give them at the wrong time, you already know what happens to you: one of the worst fight of your life.

You only give them because you want to eat them, admit it.

Chocolates with the phrase inside

Those famous chocolates with hazelnut inside but above all wrapped in a leaflet with a usually horrible love phrase inside. Which is fine when you get the quotes from Shakespeare or from Confucius, but when the quotes from Fedez come out, what do you look like?

Engagement ring

If you were thinking of making a romantic gesture on Valentine's Day and giving her an engagement ring, stop by for charity! Because we know very well that you are doing it only to have to give a unique gift for the day of the engagement and for Valentine's Day in the future.

And, as if that weren't enough, who knows how many others will be doing the same thing at the same time. A little originality, come on!

The nonsense 

There are those shops full of trinkets for a few euros, maybe even nice ones, for heaven's sake, but do you really want to give her a 3 euro heart-shaped pillow? Is this what your love is worth?

Ah, and it's not worth buying a lot of little things to reach an acceptable budget. In fact, it's probably even worse.

Dinner out

Going out to dinner together is always nice, but on Valentine's Day all couples go there. The restaurateurs know this and therefore raise their prices, cook worse than usual and even call someone in short supply to play piano and sing the most heartbreaking and boring pieces. You two are bored, the other couples around you are bored, perhaps the best thing to do is to have dinner together the night before or after. So good is it all the same, isn't it?

Gift box

Technically it would also be a nice idea, to take a box with a romantic weekend in it, or a dinner just for the two of you. In reality, it is very clear that you completely forgot to give the gift and then you took the first thing you found, even spending little. What a bad impression you make, really bad.

Beautiful gifts. But only for you.

Suppose you like the bike, and she doesn't. And that for Valentine's Day you have the nice idea of buying her a custom helmet, so you can ride a motorcycle together. In this case, perhaps it is better if you deliver the gift with the helmet fastened on your head so you avoid the slaps or at least soften the blows.

If you have to give a gift, do something that both of you like, not something that only you like. Selfish!

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