The 8 worst movie posters

Streaming is increasingly present in our lives, but the charm of the dark room of the cinema and the big screen is inimitable. But how to choose the film to see and be sure that it is a good film and that it does not make us waste two hours of our time?

Before choosing which movie to watch, who among us hasn't started looking at the available movie posters? Being able to convey the feeling of the film we will see with a single image is an art, because it must convince the audience and describe the plot immediately. There are those who do it splendidly, there are those who seem to have just finished watching their first tutorial on Photoshop and create horrors. Could we not have offered you the 8 worst posters in the history of cinema?

Giant hands, wrong actors, dogs and hats glued to the least worst. A thrill gallery worthy of the best horror movie.

Him, her and the babydog (Heavy petting)

A 2007 film about a curious ménage a trois in which the dog does its part. A tender little dog, also immortalized on the poster as he tenderly kisses his mistress. Wait, where is it resting? Why do the paws seem suspended in the air? And why does it have a completely different light from the two protagonists?

It may be a nice dog, but it was really, really badly glued. You can see that the graphic designer had not yet learned how to manage the lights, or it was the dog himself who did the photomontage. 

12 years a slave

Oh, a good movie with Brad Pitt, one would say looking at the poster. Too bad then we wait for the entire film for the arrival of Brad Pitt, who appears only for a very short time and at the end in a cameo. 

So why does it appear so prominently on the poster? It should be asked of the Italian producers who thought they were cheating viewers in this way. They also had to apologize in the end.

All crazy about Chuck (Good Luck Chuck) 

A common trick used in photos is the quote. Taking a famous shot and reinterpreting it works very well, as long as you know how to do it. Someone must have had the brilliant idea to say: "For the poster, let's redo the photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono hugging!". 

And they actually did it again: very badly. Jessica Alba seems to want to do everything but that photo, and Dane Cook on top of her is in a completely unnatural and wrong position. Next time try something original, come on, and don't bother John and Yoko.

Chairman of the board

A film costing 10 million dollars, and which only managed to gross 180 thousand. One of the most sensational flops in the history of cinema, and the fault could also lie with the poster that certainly does not invite you to go and see it. 

The subtitle of the film is: “Work sucks”. Not that the poster is much better.

Route to Earth (Star Trek IV: The voyage home)

In this film, Admiral Kirk and Doctor Spock, along with the entire crew, must travel back in time and back to Earth to save her. One of the best films in the science fiction series, with interesting themes and a remarkable environmental vision. Too bad for the poster that looks like a Village People record, with the two protagonists in the middle of a punk and some policemen. The galactic journey must have created some problems with the graph, I guess.

I want freedom (Up the sandbox)

We could have told you the plot of this film, but instead we propose a game: try to guess the plot based only on the poster, that is a pregnant woman tied to a giant bottle like the siren on the bow of a ship, also drawn in a rather rough way .

Who knows what those who illustrated it might have thought of, and who knows why they decided to use this image. Mysteries of the production houses.

Chef - The perfect recipe (Chef)

The film is called "Chef", but not everyone in the film is a cook. In Spain they obviously thought differently, and so they put all the protagonists of the film with a chef's hat on the poster. They probably also had a low budget and had someone new to Photoshop do it, because there isn't even a hat glued on properly.

As if that weren't enough, the slogan "Not all recipes come from grandma" has nothing to do with the plot. But has anyone seen the film before making the poster?

Love test tube - The babymakers   

She has an astonished expression and two melons in her hand exactly at breast height, while he is adjusting his pants in the background. Do we need to add something to make it clear that this is one of the ugliest posters in the history of world cinema? 

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