The 8 worst Spring break activities

Late Spring also means trips out of town, picnics on Easter Monday, short periods of vacation to enjoy with friends.

Yet how come that every time we organize something, or that we want to have fun because we have one or two days off, there is always something that goes wrong?
It almost always rains, or there are too many people, or we get so tired of going away in the morning and then coming home at night and working again the next day.

But don't worry: we will come to your aid! We have collected the 8 worst Pasquettes that you can experience alone or together with others. 

Vacation in art cities

Easter is a great time to visit cities we've never been to, and maybe take a trip to the museums. We could go see the paintings of that famous artist or visit the collections that everyone is talking about. 

Too bad we're definitely not the only ones with the same idea, and the queues are endless everywhere.
The result is that we spend much more time standing in line than the actual time we visit museums. Is it really worth it?

A trip to the countryside

Taking advantage of the nice weather and the awakening nature, what's better than going on a picnic? You put the sandwiches in the basket, take the drinks and go off to the fields.

By mistake, however, you find yourself in the field of a farmer who is not very happy to see you, and above all you ruin everything he has sown.
The solution? Run away quickly. Run away!

The restaurant

A brilliant friend has found a little unknown place, very intimate, where you eat very well and spend very little. 

The place is so unknown that it takes you 3 hours to find it, and when you finally arrive there is only ham left to eat that you pay a lot because the management has changed and raised all the prices.

The friend that suggested the restaurant, meanwhile, has disappeared for fear of reprisals.

The farmhouse

Identical to the restaurant of before, even more difficult to find, and in addition there is a strong smell of stables. 

And it costs the same, because the experience of nature still pays for itself.

A day at the beach

Finally, you can go to the beach and get some sun. We go for a picnic on the beach, and someone very brave finally decides to dive into the water even though it's still a bit cold but you have to take advantage of this beautiful day to take the first bath of the year!

He takes off his clothes, jumps into the water, remains almost frozen by the cold, pretends to have fun while he chatters his teeth, then goes back to the beach, gets dressed and goes home. In the evening his temperature rises to 40 and he curses the day he wanted to take his first bath of the year.

On the highway

No one wants to spend a day of vacation on the highway, but since many people leave by car, it happens that you spend hours and hours in the sun, in the car, waiting for a traffic jam to clear. Arriving at your destination very late, it's already time to go home "so as not to find traffic".

The rain

All these activities we've talked about in any case come up against the most terrible enemy of every trip and every outing: the rain.

Even if it hasn't rained in months, and if it was sunny just the day before, the clouds almost always decide to arrive just when you've decided to go on your trip. They almost seem to be waiting for you, dammit.

And even if it's sunny when you leave home, take a raincoat with you: the rain likes to play that trick of arriving suddenly, when there's nowhere to shelter.

At home

But at the end of the day, if we really have a day off, why don't we just stay at home? There are all the amenities, our favorite couch, a good movie, we can eat whatever we want. But you know, this year it is maybe better not to go anywhere.

Whether you're going to the mountains, the beach or on a cultural trip, never forget to take your Ottovolante glasses with you. Even if the vacation doesn't go well, their great style might cheer you up.