The 8 most useless days of the world

Every day is good for celebrating, remembering, commemorating. Furthermore, every day there is a new world day that comes out, and alongside some famous and very respectable days there are others that are little known and of which, let's face it, in some cases we could easily do without.

Today we discover the 8 most useless or strange world anniversaries to mark on the calendar and immediately afterwards forget, like the birthday of that cousin who has always been unpleasant to you but to whom you must wish a happy birthday every year.

March 31 - International Backup Day

It seems incredible but there is also a day to remind us of how important it is to always make a copy of all documents, to be sure not to lose them. So you can have 8 useless copies of every nonsense, which you will certainly never be able to find again in case you really need them.

Given the topic, the world days of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 are archived but still available.

June 6 - World Naturism Day

A day in which to rediscover the benefits of not having clothes on and being all together as we were generated, without the hindrance of the fabric. 

The good thing is that for sure if you were to go to the gala party you would have no problem choosing the right clothing. The only party where the phrase: "I have nothing to wear!" it is perfect and it is the only one to say.

June 26 - World Dog Day in the office

To remember the importance of man's best friend, a day in which you can take your dog to the office. In the event that you find yourself working from home or in smart working, we do not recommend sending the dog to the office alone.

For some years now, there has been discussion about whether to turn it into "International day of the dog that disturbs during work calls".

July 17 - World Emoji Day

July 17 was chosen because it is the date that appears on the emoji that depicts the calendar. The party of smileys, by now irreplaceable in every message, even if sometimes we curse them when by mistake, for example, we send a little heart to our head instead of the thumb raised to say ok. Getting fired right after, and thinking it would be a lot easier to just type "Ok".

July 31 - World Orgasm Day

The fact that there is a day to remember about orgasm tells us exactly how much Western society is collapsing. Also because if you need a day to remind yourself it means that who knows when it was the last. 

September 12 - World Day Without Plastic Bags

A very respectable and important day, because bags pollute a lot. The only problem is that if you go grocery shopping that day you have to go home with what you bought spinning around in the air, since you don't know where to put it. And thus celebrating the day of juggling, which exists and is June 16th.

9 October - World Post Day

Our life would be very different if we did not have someone who delivers packages, registered letters and letters to our homes. Too bad that, being the day of the post, the celebrations scheduled for October 9 will arrive on 11. We apologize for the inconvenience.

November 10 - World Internship Day

A day that is cheap, that lasts a long time, in which everyone treats you badly but in the end you leave satisfied because you have learned something: you have learned that sometimes it is better not to work at all and stay at home, rather than being treated like this.

November 19 - World Cabinet Day

We would have liked to celebrate it better, but due to a small problem we just couldn't get out of the house. Let's say it was a real day of m…., Therefore a success.

For us, every day is to be celebrated and remembered, a good reason is always found. So why not give yourself a gift with a nice pair of Ottovolante glasses? Alone, from sight or from the screen, they are always a great satisfaction.