The 8 most dangerous beaches in the world

Going to the beach is relaxing and is good for the body and mind. You are free to do nothing but take a bath and sunbathe, at least read some magazines or finally finish that book we had left pending. A godsend, really.

Of course, you have to find a parking space, plant an umbrella and fight against the sand that slips everywhere, but once this is done we can finally relax and not think about anything. Unless we go to some shark-infested beach, full of plastic or just too crowded or with a polluted sea. 

Are there any bad beaches in the world? Yes, they exist and not only that. They are also often dangerous.

Today we want to introduce you to the 8 beaches from which it is best to stay offshore in every sense.

New Smyrna Beach (Florida)

New Smyrna Beach it has an exceptional sea, and is among the 20 best cities in the world for surfing. Good weather, perfect waves, too bad it's the shark bite capital of the world.

In the last 20 years there have been at least 90 attacks on humans by these cute bloodthirsty big fish. If you want to take the risk, you can, but we recommend that you train yourself to swim very fast. But really very fast. 

Cape Tribulation (Australia)

If you are afraid of sharks then you can easily take a nice ride in Cape Tribulation, in Australia. Here there are few sharks and they are quite peaceful, but you will still need to wear a highly protective suit that covers every part of the body. In fact, between October and May, cubomedusas gather here, also known as "sea wasps", among the deadliest jellyfish in the world and with a poison that is capable of stopping the heart in a few seconds. 

Of course, it must be said that if you stay on the beach you can be attacked by a crocodile or a cassowary, an aggressive bird that can reach two meters in height, so perhaps this time it is better to go somewhere else to sunbathe. Maybe you stay less tanned, but alive. 

Leica Picture

Xinghai Beach (China)

No weird beasts or bad fish here, just people. Many people. Too many people.
The beach of Xinghai in China it is very easily accessible and is frequented by Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and sometimes even by the Russians. The result is an endless expanse of bodies and not even a tiny little space to put the umbrella. 

It is best to arrive early in the morning. Very early.

Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)

Here too the greatest danger is caused by man, but not because the beach is too busy or polluted. Simply, Myrtle Beach it is the third largest city in America for murders and robberies, although it is not that populous. Maybe here, when they want to bring "rifle fins and goggles", they have not quite understood which gun we are talking about.  

Repulse Bay (Hong Kong)

The elites of the city of Hong Kong live in this area. We don't know why, as the sea has a reddish color and a terrible smell.

The excessive building and industrial development of the area of Repulse Bay has created real "red tides" that bring toxins on the beach, high concentrations of heavy metals and an irrepressible desire to run away as soon as possible because of the smell.

Rosignano Solvay (Italy)

Italy too can boast white beaches that recall the Caribbean ones. TO Rosignano SolvayHowever, in Tuscany, the white of the sand is not natural but is given by the processing residues of the nearby chemical plant, which for decades has been dumping limestone and chalk directly onto the beach. 

As if that were not enough, in the sea there are also arsenic, zinc, aluminum, chromium, copper and many other substances that we are pretty sure are not so good for the skin. 

Maho Beach (Netherlands Antilles)

At the seaside it is also nice to be on the beach sunbathing, lying on the sand perhaps listening to our favorite music or an audio book or a podcast. If you go on vacation to Maho Beach, buy some very powerful headphones, because it is located just behind the St. Marteen airport and the planes land practically on your head. The track is too short and the drivers have to make use of every possible space. 

If it is considered the noisiest track in the world we say that there is some reason. 

Kamilo Beach (Hawaii)

If this beach is unlivable, this time it is only man's fault. In fact, here comes the currents that first pass through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the immense area of at least 700,000 square km in which the plastic released into the sea accumulates. 

The beach of Kamilo Beach collects all these scraps that come from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and as much as they tried to clean it up it always got horribly dirty again in a few days.

Think about it, next time you throw a plastic bottle around thinking it doesn't hurt anyone anyway. 

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