The 8 weirdest sports in the world

Extreme ironing

Fed up with football and its controversies? Do you think that the Olympics host only banal disciplines? When you come across the Giro d’Italia on TV do you immediately switch channels? We can't blame you, sometimes we don't like sports that others love. Today, however, we are giving you a selection of 8 sports almost no-one has ever heard about. sometimes we don't like the sports that others love. Today, however, we are giving you a selection of 8 sports that you did not think existed, and instead there are.

Brace yourselves, and you’ll never see sport the way you are used to. sport in a different way as you thought.

8) Zorbing 

You’d like to play sports but prefer avoiding contact with others? Zorbing is the sport for you! Just slip into a giant transparent rubber ball and... roll down a slope. It may feel a little hot, and your head may spin a little, but who doesn’t dream of rolling down a slope inside a transparent rubber ball? Zorbing! Basically you slip into a giant transparent ball and roll down a slope. Sure, it'll be a little hot and maybe your head will spin a little, but who wouldn't dream of rolling down a slope inside a clear plastic ball, huh?

And if you want to share the fun with friends, we have the Zorbing-Ball. Like football, but with a huge transparent ball that keeps opponent away. Of course, it won’t be easy to shout at your team mates to pass the ball, but you can crash into the referee without injuring him… too much.

7) Underwater cycling 

Maybe you like cycling but you don't like having to face the sultry heat or the cold of the alpine climbs, or you always forget your water bottle at home and you don't know how to hydrate. If this is an obstacle, we have the solution for you: Underwater cycling

All you need is a bicycle, a diving suit and air cylinders. Throw your bike into the pool, jump in and ride. Or swim.

Sure, the lifeguard might want to have a word with you. In that case just get out of the pool, take off the cylinders and sun for it. Solution found. 

6) Cycle hockey

Always remaining in the field of bicycles, here too a different way to use them. This is the classic I play hockey, but using special bicycles. You can't put your foot on the ground, and you can't touch the ball with anything other than the bicycle. 

How did it all start? A man returning home by bicycle managed to dodge a small dog by moving it to the side using the front wheel. He decided there was a future in that sport, but luckily for the dog, he decided it was better to use a ball. This way, dog lovers can also play

5) Yukigassen

If you like winter sports, but don't mind combat sports too, we have a solution: the Yukigassen, or rather snowball fight

The sport was born in Japan but has “athletes” from all over the world, worth organising a world championship. All you need are two teams of seven athletes, each with 90 pre-prepared snowballs, and one battlefield. Whenever an athlete is hit by a snowball, he or she is eliminated from the game. The team with the last man standing wins. Easy, simple, addictive. And where could such a discipline have started, if not in that land of fun loving eccentrics that is Japan?

4) Shovel racing 

Always as a winter sport, if you like sledding but you don't have an Olympic track or a competition toboggan, don't worry: you can participate in shovel racing, or "Sledding with shovel". The shovel is the normal one, which is used to shovel snow, concrete, sand, earth, in short. Just get astride and jump off a cliff, reaching speeds that can go over 100 kilometers per hour. 

A little more adrenaline-pumping than gardening, you'll have to admit.

3) Shin-kicking 

England is not known for its martial arts, but it has one that dates back 400 years: Shin-kicking.

Yes, you read well: two contenders face each other and start kicking each other very hard in the shins, until one of the two gives in. In ancient times the shins were left bare and exposed to vicious blows, Today straw padding is used to cushion the blows. It’s difficult to immagine why this sport was never exported outside of England!

Fun fact: true champions train to withstand the pain by hammering their own shins. That’s what you call training hard.

2) Bog Snorkelling

There are those who find swimming pools or the open sea too banal for swimming. So why not diving into a nice muddy and mud-filled channel, using a mask and snorkel and traveling 55 meters underwater? This is the essence of Bog Snorkelling or Mud Swimming. Sport invented in Wales, where the world championship is held every year. Many of the best athletes started jumping in puddles at a young age, only unlike many they didn't stop doing it.

The origin of this discipline derives from a bet made by two drunk friends outside a pub. Who knows why it doesn't seem so strange that people who weren't exactly lucid at the time invented it ...  

1) Extreme ironing

Finally, if you don't like too much codified sports but you are inclined to adventure and challenges to the limit, if you don't lack imagination and if climbing the peaks or throwing yourself into the void seems too trivial, add a degree of difficulty by starting to to practise Extreme ironing. This sport is very simple: that's enough get an iron and ironing board, load them on your shoulder and then go and iron a shirt in the most unlikely places. Cliffs, mountain peaks, parachute jumps and even surfing are worth it. But always ironing.
If that sounds too much, you can also grab an ironing board and iron your shirts on a busy ring road. It sure is an extreme sport full of dangers even that.   

If you enjoyed these sports, or know of even more absurd ones, let us know! Human creativity has no limits.